My Christmas Gift to You!

The story presented on this website is true. It happened to me during the Christmas of 1988. Its' inspirational message will touch your heart and uplift your spirit. The poem version (below the video) of She Gave Me More was first published in the Annapolis Capital newspaper in 1990. Since then, this true Christmas story, sung by gifted Christian performing artist, Simeon Amburgey of Louisville, Kentucky, has blessed people from all around the world on radio, television and now, the internet.

This Christmas, please share this inspirational message with - everyone!

On a cold December day in 1988, a poor crippled Eastern Shore widow named Aunt Mary Riley shared with me the greatest Christmas gift of all. In the spring of 1990, this same 84-year-old woman was found murdered inside her one room house, stabbed to death by a young neighbor boy high on crack cocaine. According to the world's standards, Aunt Mary had nothing of value, but according to God's standards, she possessed the greatest gift of all. It is my honor to share the true story of how a 15-minute encounter with a precious lady helped me discover the only true gift of lasting value - a gift so precious, it will last for all eternity! This Christmas season, please share 'She Gave Me More' with everyone you love and care about!

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God had me release this rap song now to reach this present generation with the truth of the Gospel message. Please send this powerful life-changing song to this lost generation of 16 to 30-year old Americans searching for the Truth. God will bless you mightily for doing so!

In 2001 my stepfather, Sherman Russell was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. As I prayed asking God to heal this man whom I loved of this terrible disease, the words, 'God is in control' kept repeating over and over again in my spirit. Before going to sleep that night, God inspired me to write the words and lyrics to the song, "God is in Control" and share it with my stepfather. Sherman Russell died later that year knowing beyond doubt that God loved him so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for his eternal salvation.

I truly believe God had me release this song now as a timely wake-up call to all Americans who long to see our Nation's Christian heritage truly restored. If this is your goal also, please send America Arise to all of your friends and loved ones. Together, we can work to restore our beloved country's true status once again as - One Nation under God!

All to God's glory,

Neill G. Russell

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